As former local government officials, Governor Tom Corbett and I strongly believe that having a solid knowledge of local governance is essential to sustaining our constitutional democracy. Thomas Jefferson is said to have called the Town Hall Meeting, “...the wisest invention ever devised by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self-government.” The “Perfect Exercise of Self-Governance,” which Jefferson praised so highly centuries ago, is alive and well today in local communities throughout Pennsylvania.

Governor Corbett and I have a vision; we want to make Pennsylvania a better place to live, work, and raise a family and it is our belief the commonwealth’s best days lie ahead. Working together, we have accomplished much, but we need your continued support to truly achieve our shared goal.

For that reason, I am pleased to introduce the “Civics and You – Your Key to Pennsylvania Local Government” e-book. This interactive resource serves as an excellent tool providing detailed breakdowns, descriptive articles and up-to-date resources developed to educate and encourage civic involvement by engaging readers to help address the problems facing their communities by coming together and participating in their local government.

The local level of government is where democracy starts and a place innovative ideas and creativity can take flight. I encourage you to get involved locally to build a better community in a stronger Pennsylvania.

Jim Cawley
Lieutenant Governor